Divide And Not Conquer

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link Wearied by partisan warfare, many women desert Obamas Democrats – Yahoo News.

The headline reads that women deserted the Obama Democrats because of partisan warfare.  That’s a big slice of round processed meat.  As politicians have learned (or not) over and over again in all societies, the only issues that really matter are the ones that affect personal pocketbooks and circumstances.

The political left have consistently employed one classic tool in their on going efforts to harvest the hearts and minds of the populace.  That tool is the balkanization of the population.  If there are aggrieved groups to pander to, the political left will position themselves as their champions, to be their voice in the larger oppressive society.  The rise of the Obama phenomenon was a perfect storm in the history of the United States since he was anointed with the role of savior of all aggrieved groups, not to mention fixer of the weather.  When he was elected, the populace lavished the kind of adoration upon him that would make 12 year old girls at a Justin Bieber concert wince. The ebullient period of his ascent in 2008 and through to the 2012 vote was a time when every aggrieved group felt that their particular gripes would be addressed.

Only they weren’t.  Instead, the agenda consisted of ideological programs that were wanted by no one except the ideologues.  From government mandated health care, to EPA lunacy, to porous borders to ill advised withdrawal of troops from the Middle East, all of these were botched resulting in the worst possible outcomes for Americans.  When the realities of having to govern a complex society within a complex world became evident, it became more and more obvious that he was woefully ill equipped for the role.  It’s as if Justin Bieber was asked to run the country.  With the inventory of failed policies and initiatives piling up like crashed cars in fog storm, even the most ardent followers and supporters deserted the ship.  When it became obvious that individuals’ circumstances were not only not improving but deteriorating, something had to change.  The results of the recently held mid term elections were a resounding repudiation of the Obama programs; by all of his constituencies.

Women didn’t desert because of bickering, nor did the blacks, the latinos, the gays or students. That’s non sensical. Why wouldn’t they desert the Republicans? That’s as logical as opening the windows because you feel a draft.  It wasn’t because they wanted the battling to stop; it’s because they wanted to stop Obama. In an article written here a few years ago, we commented on the aftermath of the 2012 vote and its implications: 2012 vote .  The thesis was that the vote then did not signal a massive ideological shift of the population since core American values hadn’t changed.   It appears that assumption was correct.  In an interview the day after this most recent vote, the President claims to have heard the people, invoking his own famous quote from his election victory years ago, “elections have consequences”.  Interestingly, he claims to have also heard the 2/3 of the population that didn’t vote.   What that quote tells you is that the President has moved to another state after the election—the state of denial.

Hare Krishnas redux

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link Climate envoys seek stronger warning on warming dangers in key UN report.

Anyone who’s had children is familiar with this scenario: The child whines in a monotone drone about wanting something as if stuck on grooves of a record player until either the parent relents or the kid stops out of fatigue and moves on the next thing which amuses them.

These children have grown up to become global warming bleaters.  While the notion was novel and fashionable  when first trotted out decades ago, the passage of time and evidence have shown that the dire predictions breathlessly tossed out by its exponents are, well, just so much hot air.   Not the very least is that fact that the ‘imminent’ and ‘irreversible’ damage that allowed only another few years remaining for the world’s existence hasn’t quite materialized.  Even the labeling has had to evolve as the credibility factor gets iffier.  First Global Warming, then Climate Change, now Climate Disruption.  This of course implies that without man’s influence (and that means western man’s influence ) the weather would be the same and predictable all the time.  Meanwhile, the theory’s most public proponents keep buying bigger homes on more exclusive beachfront properties which would  presumably be at risk when the oceans rise.  As well, the penguin and polar bear populations keeps increasing.

But the Global warming crowd, long used to getting acquiescence from the gullible public still haven’t tired of their monotone bleats.  Even as more and more qualified people come forth to squelch the hare brained notion, the warming crowd’s bleating gets more and more insistent.   One of the most amusing arguments offered in support of the AGW crowd is that “97%” of scientists subscribe to it; as if science were a democratic process.  Long time readers will recall that back in the day, 98% of court Wisemen agreed that the world was flat.   Fully 100% of these Wisemen agreed that the earth was the center of the universe.   And up until recently, it was widely held that if you did “that” to yourself too often,  you’d most certainly go blind.  Obviously, if this were the case, no teenager would make it into adulthood with any sight.

In the 70’s. the Hare Krishna cultists were common fixtures at all North American airports.  For some reason, they were tolerated until eventually people grew tired of them and they eventually disappeared.  Can’t wait for that to happen to the climate nuts.


Quick, Call A Lawyer

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link Obama says Ebola travel ban could make things worse – Chicago Tribune.

You know things have taken a horrible turn for the worse when most every problem these days is addressed by appointing a lawyer to fix them.  In this case we refer to the appointment of Ron Klain to oversee the Ebola issue in the U.S.

Think of that: not an engineer, not a medical person nor an accountant, not even a plain old businessman, but a lawyer.  Lawyers by definition are in the business of assessing blame.  They are not trained to solve problems.  They are not known for their organizational prowess.  Their role is to insert themselves into a conflict and point fingers of blame.  It’s not well known that the famous large foam finger you find at sports events was in fact invented by a lawyer in response to a successful trial.

That lawyers would be picked at all to be in charge of anything outside of the interpretation of laws is non-sensical.  It’s as if you hired the TV repairman to help with your flooding problems.  Yet somehow, over the last few generations, the insertion of lawyers as the means of resolution of all social problems has become the norm.  Lawyers shape virtually everything that affects our lives without most of us even being aware of it.  From the design of cars, the foods we can eat, the temperature of coffee, when we can use phones, who we choose to marry and even how we complain, they all have been shaped by lawyers.  The fact that people have to listen to instructions on how to wear a seat belt on an airplane is because of lawyers.

In the linked story, the new notional head Poobah or Czar, overseeing the containment of a possibly vicious Ebola virus outbreak, Ron Klain, is  of course, a lawyer.  He’s the guy who helped Joe Biden reach the American public.  Like that’s a resume builder.   Klain is known for his views on both overpopulation and global warming.  Oddly, if global warming was the big threat to the world’s population as he believes, then the overpopulation thing would look after itself.  Of course, he may not see it that way.  Regardless, he is seen as the great hope to manage the Ebola crisis.  Apparently, there were no medical people with the skillset to manage this crisis.

It should be pretty clear to any rational person that when a serious crisis needs to be addressed and a lawyer is put in place to manage it, then the problems are only beginning.   Sadly, we know there is ample evidence of that.


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