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What Just Happened?

November 9th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

link Ripped apart by financial crisis, Greek society in free-fall | Fox News.

Post the surprising (to some, including me) 2012 election results, one issue is abundantly clear.  Reality is an abstract concept to just over half of the U.S. electorate.  There is so much wealth in the U.S. that so called bread and butter issues do not move the populace here as would be the case in any other part of the world.  Unlike the feckless Greeks in the linked article, people in the U.S. are more concerned with the real meaty issues of their existence, at least as reported by the media.  Access to condoms, the support of a big yellow muppet and various and sundry straw bogeymen posted by the Democrats were the galvanizing issues for the liberal base.  Issues such as crushing debt, burgeoning unemployment, collapsing industries and spiralling living costs, well, those are things only poor countries have to worry about.  To Americans, those issues are minor annoyances like spots on glasses in the dishwasher.  No wonder the world hates them.

Now,  it appears that America is headed towards the path of collective Statism as practiced in the oh so avant-garde and successful European nations…such as France, Spain, Portugal and of course, Greece.

Some pretty smart people got this wrong and there is now the expected post mortem of how the intellectual case for a change in a demonstrably disasterous direction failed to resonate with just over half of the voters.  Most of the hand-wringing on the  part of the conservatives centers on the perceived need for the GOP to be more inclusive of a changing demographic since statistics showed that the ‘old white guy’ base was shrinking.   While this may be statistically correct, it would be erroneous to believe that the worldview espoused by the conservative movement is exclusive to any demographic and favorable only to the shrinking whites.

The very success of the societal experiment which is the U.S., is based on the set of values and beliefs that were the foundation of its early proponents.  In no other society on the planet at the time of America’s founding were people allowed to rise to whatever level in life that their individual efforts allowed them.  That may sound trite today, but back in the 1700’s, if you were born a cobbler, well let’s just say you’d better enjoy smelling feet for the rest of your life.   To this very day, the allure of America is so compelling that people from all over the world immigrate (legally or otherwise) to create their own destinies from their own efforts.  The foundation of the nation was premised upon equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome.  It was also based on the foundation of strong families and adherence to moral principles of social behaviour.  Why would these values be challenged as obsolete now?

If anyone thinks that the election results were all about philosophical differences and not about partisan wagon circling,  they are either working for the media or still a Lance Armstrong fan.  Both are delusional.  As but one example, Jesse Jackson Jr., the senatorial candidate from Illinois has spent the last 8 months or so of his term serving his constituents from a ‘rehab’ hospital, while coincidentally ducking an ongoing cloud of spending corruption accusations; a cloud that will  manifest into a plea deal of some kind soon.  Despite this minor handicap, our hero is re-elected in a landslide by his constituents.  Let’s be clear here.  The man was not serving his peeps in any capacity, yet his support base put him back in office as if he was the “slow” nephew in need of a job.

When you hear that various demographic constituents must be catered to, it’s essentially code-wording for “we have to buy this group off”.  As we’ve made note of in previous pieces, this slice and dice tactic of politicians has created a landscape in which pitting one population segment against another is the preferred (and successful) path to political power.   Instead of working for a strong collective good, this process begets a society which becomes Lord Of The Flies.   It is glaringly Orwellian that the various demographic groups that bleat for ‘equality and fairness’ are actually pushing for policies which would make them special and unequal from everyone else.  Whether you are Hispanic, Black, Asian, a woman, gay, young, old, poor, single, bipolar or a union worker, there should not be explicit policies in place that enable you to jump the queue to personal success.   Acceding to one particular group will only escalate the demands by the other groups for ‘equal’ treatment.  It may all come back to the notion that the U.S. is too wealthy, that instead of everyone fighting to create a larger collective pie,  factions are fighting for their perceived entitled share of the existing one.  It’s all fun until there’s no pie left.

While the results of the election have consequences well beyond the term of the administration which are genuinely alarming, it is also true that the population demographic is dynamic.  The Hispanic contingent is growing as are the Asians.  As the demographic bubble moves into maturity, that maturity will bring with it the creation of families.  This will move the curve away from singles and when that happens, it is likely that genuine economic issues will once again be more important than the narcissistic faux issues that are played today.  This is hinted at by statistics that showed that married women voted conservatively whereas single women voted for the Democrats.  When that happens, the natural order of people is to consider policies and philosophies which support and nurture their children and families.  These values are conservative ones and there will be a return to such sensibilities and to people who support them.  Let’s not all jump on the irrational bandwagon just because of an unfortunate vote.


  1. jv2
    November 11th, 2012 at 20:41 | #1

    Nicely put, TC. Is it time for us to shrug?

  2. TC
    November 12th, 2012 at 06:51 | #2

    As frustrating as this is to some, shrugging is the expected response, at least for the first little while. As time goes on and things begin to noticeably deteriorate, even the present ‘winners’ will grumble and if we’re lucky, the tide turns again. What is most devastating about this election are the subtle changes in mindset that are being etched into the minds of unwary people, especially young people. The progressive agenda has taken over the education system which means that the next generation of children will be indoctrinated with the ‘self evident’ truth of global warming, collectivism and laughable ‘rights’ of particular demographic groups. This is supported and abetted by the general media which continues to flood the public with BS as if it were spewing from a burst pipe. There is a quote attributable to a Taliban Mullah who clearly gets it. He states that “He who controls the information controls the will of the people”. It appears to me that the damage is irreparable barring some great socially cataclysmic event. In order for any possibility of change in the mindset, there has to be a change at the very foundation of education, reinstilling the very fundamental notion of the self reliant citizen.

  3. jv2
    November 15th, 2012 at 13:18 | #3

    TC, Agreed. It is too late for all generations between mine and my son’s. And probably beyond barring some sort of dramatic discontinuity. I like Peter Schiff’s analogy:

    “We’re in that spiral right now; this is how democracies die. We’re in a situation, votingwise, where we have more people in the wagon than we have pulling it. The way you get elected is you promise to people who are riding in the wagon more free stuff, an easier ride; and you also promise to whip the people pulling the wagon a little harder and make them do a little bit more. And as you do that, there are always people pulling the wagon who decide they are tired of pulling the wagon, and they want to jump in with everyone else. So you get even more people looking for something from government and you have fewer people to pay the bills. And this is where we are—a disintegrating nation.”

    I fear the wagon will stop moving soon.

  4. tc
    November 15th, 2012 at 18:00 | #4

    It’s understandable that those ‘without’ would vote for someone who promises them more. We get that. What’s confusing is that the recent voting stats showed that something like 7 of the top 10 wealth communities in the U.S. voted for the incumbent. That I don’t get. Must be the suicide gene that I’ve alluded to before.

  5. jv2
    November 18th, 2012 at 10:54 | #5

    I chalk it up to years of mainstream media brainwashing, political correctness, fatal conceit, and vast intellectual laziness.

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