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Talk To The Handpuppet

November 20th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

link Dozen House women defend Rice over Libya comments – News – Boston.com.

The giveaway that this story is full of round sliced processed meat is when they associate “brilliant” and public servant in the same sentence.  That’s like associating “exotic” with dancer or “delicious” with oatmeal.  This episode will go a long way to confirm this administration’s commitment to increasing employment; but not necessarily in the way you’d expect.  Now that it’s become abundantly clear that UN Ambassador Susan Rice’s extensively broad-casted explanation of the Libyan consulate strike was grossly misleading, she is under fire from all quarters for promoting a completely fake narrative.

Predictably, her supporters have rallied to her defence, characterizing attacks against her as being racist and sexist in tone, a two-fer no-no in this day and age.  To this point, we don’t know if she is gay or is handicapped in some way, because if so, it would be the grand slam of politically incorrect no-no’s.  Ironically, Rice’s supporters characterize the criticism of her job as a “witch hunt”. Tsk Tsk.  If a ‘brilliant’ civil servant like Ms. Rice cannot be held responsible for her position purely because of her sex and race, why not just hire 12 year kids?  In one fell swoop, we can create millions of new jobs as we bring children into the workforce.   The best roles for them would be as officials in positions heavy with responsibility.   That way, when something blows up, they can be immune from criticism….they’re only kids.  Imagine the money saved from not having to train people for appropriate jobs.  Phd’s, MA’s, JD’s?, forget about all of that.  All you need to be is 12 and able to read from script.   Actually, given that no blame can be assigned and you are only passing on instructions, being only a distant cousin in the primate family would suffice.   Hmm, Secretary of State Gonzo, or Defense Secretary Cheetah….

If you extrapolate this logic further, all they really need are hand puppets.  If the spokesman is only the messenger, why pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in salary and benefits when a hand puppet can be employed for about $25 bucks from the nearest Michael’s store.  Just make sure that it’s blue in color and asexual in appearance.


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