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Maybe Next Year

December 13th, 2012 No comments

link BBC News – Doha UN climate talks to conclude with few conclusions.

Another year, another top level, red carpet grouping of morons, likely paid for by their respective nations, to attend a global hand wringing session.  As readers of this site know, the meetings are coincidentally held at a different venue every year in order to make it interesting for the spouses in terms of shopping.  We’ve had Kyoto, Copenhagen, Sao Paulo, Durban and now Qatar.  Let it be noted that this is the 18th such conference…18! From a purely marketing perspective, Qatar does make sense since delegates can point to the hot dry air there as irrefutable proof of warming and certain impending calamity for the earth.  Sort of like the Mayans’ prediction, but more drawn out and expensive.  (Interestingly, the Mayans are all gone, but somehow their predictions of the end of the world live on. ) We are still waiting for Inuvik to be drawn into the conference rotation.

From the first time that someone decided it was a good idea to fly ‘experts’ together to huddle and moan in an annual formal setting, we’ve been told that the end was near, that time was running out, that man’s irresponsible actions were irreversible and that penguins were missing, this official UN sponsored event has become a regular tradition like the Charlie Brown Christmas special.  Soon, Hallmark will be creating cards marking the occasion and they may sell souvenier moaning towels at the gatherings.   We know there’s only one aim at these somber events; to somehow con the west to give tax money to some self important cadre of sage bureaucrats so they can find penguins and turn off all forms of industry.  Apparently, cars and industry bad; bicycles and loincloths good.

To save the planet, not to mention millions of dollars of taxpayer money, they could just as easily hold a group skype call and figure out what progress the concerned delegates have made since the last conference.

“Delegate A, did you manage to get any tax money?”

“No, exalted leader, we did not”

“Anyone else?”


“Ok, that’s it, talk to you all next year”.

But no, it’s more important to use demonized fossil fuel resources to fly, drive and otherwise transport the lucky few to dine on canapes and sip ’97 cabs in exotic venues and then craft dire pronouncements on how bad things are.  As I’ve said before, it would be more convincing if the delegates came by bicycle and dogsled rather than by Lear and limo.  Naturally, as the story line above states, there are no conclusions.  Duh! If there were, that would be the end of the conference gig!  Young people out there today looking for careers can do worse than trying to get on as a global warming delegate.  It looks like a place for a long career….despite what they tell you.