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The Heck You Say!

February 20th, 2014 No comments

link One in four Americans do not know the Earth circles the Sun – Telegraph.

To be fair, judging from the rampant narcissism that’s taken hold of much of American culture, many in the survey, which I suspect included Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, were amazed to find that the earth did not circle around them. 

It’s the greatest of ironies that at a time in history when the tide of information available has never been higher,  somehow the level of the informed is at the opposite low ebb.  It’s as if people were dying of hunger while sitting in a Red Lobster.

The biggest factor in this existing information/misinformed paradox is the acceptance of the widely adopted teaching philosophy propogated by liberal educators of “there is no wrong answer, only different interpretations.”  This ensures that children are not traumatized by giving a wrong answer to a question in school.  Kids are allowed to progress through their formative years without having to endure the shame of being wrong but instead gently consoled that there is an alternate ‘better’ answer.  We know that letter grades have even been eliminated since that would be discriminatory and hurtful to the young egos.  If the kids feel educated, that’s enough.  And spelling doesn’t count.

There is the old chestnut that the reason that little Johnny thinks 2 plus 2 equals 4 is not because of arithmetic logic but rather because the teacher told him it was.  If kids aren’t taught basics at a young age, they default to parroting their teachers for their ‘facts’.

Fast forward to their post teen years when the biggest information sources are their peers, TV and of course the Internet.  Peers may be an iffy source of knowledge, but TV and the Internet are inviolable.  If it’s viewed on YouTube a million times, “liked” on Facebook, tweeted on Twitter or depicted on Saturday Night Live, then it must be true.

Of course it doesn’t help that high profile personalities are spouting bumper sticker science as hard facts. If for example, Eva Longoria, noted scientist and part time actress says that climate change is real, then it must be real.  If Sean Penn, noted historian, philosopher and part time actor dishes on the virtues of communism and socialism, then it must be true.  If John Kerry, noted doppelganger for Lurch of the Addams family fame tells us that Global warming is a bigger threat to mankind than a nuclear Iran, terrorism, disease epidemics and poverty, then it must be.

If people don’t believe the facts as presented by those that are “experts” in their field, they run the risk of being sued, such as the tactic employed by a Penn State University climate scientist in an attempt to silence his critics. It may well turn out that what’s acceptably true as fact is determined not by science but by lawyers.  Whether the rumor that the earth revolves around the sun is true or not is the least of our problems.



Hot Air Causes

September 23rd, 2013 No comments

link Hunger Seen Worsening by Oxfam as Climate Change Heats Up World – Bloomberg.

They might have been able to get away with this back in the ’60′s when access to information was scant.  Images on TV of emaciated children holding bowls of milk would send people scurrying to write generous cheques to Oxfam.  Marketing to Americans’ natural compassion was an easy sell.  The current program of selling the idea of pervasive world hunger by tying it to the spurious cause of our day is either thinly veiled crappy marketing or simply pandering to the new generation of gullible people in America.

There’s probably somebody hungry in the world somewhere, but the chance that it’s linked in any way to global warming is as likely as a fat chicken in Ethiopia as one of my good friends is fond of saying.  People who count these kinds of things claim that Americans ( and that means Canadians too ) throw away over 400 pounds of food per person per year, so there’s no shortage here in North America or indeed most Western countries.  Unfortunately, this wasted food can’t just be transferred like a journal entry to those in the world who could legitimately use the food.  Indeed, in this part of the world, the people who are actively in the food distribution business such as McDonalds and KFC are demonized for providing too much cheap food.

According to Oxfam, ““The changing climate is already jeopardizing gains in the fight against hunger, and it looks set to worsen,” In addition, Oxfam said. “A hot world is a hungry world.”   The people who penned this little slogan have obviously never spent any time in the tropical Amazon rainforest where it’s hot 365 days of the year and yet things still grow there like body hair at a lesbian convention.   They must also have never considered that in Saudi Arabia, where the average temperature is over 100 degrees for half of the year and yet few are starving there either.  The heat=hunger argument looks iffy.

So how is it that global warming only affects people in some parts of the world whereas in others, people have so much food that they’re throwing it away? This disparity of reality can be solved by looking closely at exactly which constituencies are served by Oxfam.  Their website claims ‘over 90 countries’, but when you look at the list:  The Philippines, Egypt, South Africa, Russia and the UK  are probably not their main focus spots.  The vast majority of those countries served by aid are in continental Africa.  Interestingly, many of those countries listed are in the midst of on-going tribal and religious wars.  Anyone in the farmer business in any of those countries is not going to be interested in farming or ranching if someone is likely to plant a bullet in them.

The issue of hunger in these countries is one of security and political stability not one of a few hot days ’caused’ by someone driving their SUV.  Adding more tax to a gallon of gasoline will no more alleviate hunger than would taxing Listerine in America solve halitosis worldwide.  It’s all hot air.

Maybe Next Year

December 13th, 2012 No comments

link BBC News – Doha UN climate talks to conclude with few conclusions.

Another year, another top level, red carpet grouping of morons, likely paid for by their respective nations, to attend a global hand wringing session.  As readers of this site know, the meetings are coincidentally held at a different venue every year in order to make it interesting for the spouses in terms of shopping.  We’ve had Kyoto, Copenhagen, Sao Paulo, Durban and now Qatar.  Let it be noted that this is the 18th such conference…18! From a purely marketing perspective, Qatar does make sense since delegates can point to the hot dry air there as irrefutable proof of warming and certain impending calamity for the earth.  Sort of like the Mayans’ prediction, but more drawn out and expensive.  (Interestingly, the Mayans are all gone, but somehow their predictions of the end of the world live on. ) We are still waiting for Inuvik to be drawn into the conference rotation.

From the first time that someone decided it was a good idea to fly ‘experts’ together to huddle and moan in an annual formal setting, we’ve been told that the end was near, that time was running out, that man’s irresponsible actions were irreversible and that penguins were missing, this official UN sponsored event has become a regular tradition like the Charlie Brown Christmas special.  Soon, Hallmark will be creating cards marking the occasion and they may sell souvenier moaning towels at the gatherings.   We know there’s only one aim at these somber events; to somehow con the west to give tax money to some self important cadre of sage bureaucrats so they can find penguins and turn off all forms of industry.  Apparently, cars and industry bad; bicycles and loincloths good.

To save the planet, not to mention millions of dollars of taxpayer money, they could just as easily hold a group skype call and figure out what progress the concerned delegates have made since the last conference.

“Delegate A, did you manage to get any tax money?”

“No, exalted leader, we did not”

“Anyone else?”


“Ok, that’s it, talk to you all next year”.

But no, it’s more important to use demonized fossil fuel resources to fly, drive and otherwise transport the lucky few to dine on canapes and sip ’97 cabs in exotic venues and then craft dire pronouncements on how bad things are.  As I’ve said before, it would be more convincing if the delegates came by bicycle and dogsled rather than by Lear and limo.  Naturally, as the story line above states, there are no conclusions.  Duh! If there were, that would be the end of the conference gig!  Young people out there today looking for careers can do worse than trying to get on as a global warming delegate.  It looks like a place for a long career….despite what they tell you.