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Hare Krishnas redux

November 3rd, 2014 No comments

link Climate envoys seek stronger warning on warming dangers in key UN report.

Anyone who’s had children is familiar with this scenario: The child whines in a monotone drone about wanting something as if stuck on grooves of a record player until either the parent relents or the kid stops out of fatigue and moves on the next thing which amuses them.

These children have grown up to become global warming bleaters.  While the notion was novel and fashionable  when first trotted out decades ago, the passage of time and evidence have shown that the dire predictions breathlessly tossed out by its exponents are, well, just so much hot air.   Not the very least is that fact that the ‘imminent’ and ‘irreversible’ damage that allowed only another few years remaining for the world’s existence hasn’t quite materialized.  Even the labeling has had to evolve as the credibility factor gets iffier.  First Global Warming, then Climate Change, now Climate Disruption.  This of course implies that without man’s influence (and that means western man’s influence ) the weather would be the same and predictable all the time.  Meanwhile, the theory’s most public proponents keep buying bigger homes on more exclusive beachfront properties which would  presumably be at risk when the oceans rise.  As well, the penguin and polar bear populations keeps increasing.

But the Global warming crowd, long used to getting acquiescence from the gullible public still haven’t tired of their monotone bleats.  Even as more and more qualified people come forth to squelch the hare brained notion, the warming crowd’s bleating gets more and more insistent.   One of the most amusing arguments offered in support of the AGW crowd is that “97%” of scientists subscribe to it; as if science were a democratic process.  Long time readers will recall that back in the day, 98% of court Wisemen agreed that the world was flat.   Fully 100% of these Wisemen agreed that the earth was the center of the universe.   And up until recently, it was widely held that if you did “that” to yourself too often,  you’d most certainly go blind.  Obviously, if this were the case, no teenager would make it into adulthood with any sight.

In the 70’s. the Hare Krishna cultists were common fixtures at all North American airports.  For some reason, they were tolerated until eventually people grew tired of them and they eventually disappeared.  Can’t wait for that to happen to the climate nuts.


How Do They Sleep?

May 6th, 2014 2 comments

link Youth anxiety on the rise amid changing climate – The Globe and Mail.

The number of “youth” who are naturally “consumed” with anxiety surrounding climate change can be counted on one hand.  Actually on one thumb… at most.  This is the same level of preposterousness as kittens having anxiety about the paucity of good cable channels.  No normal kid wakes up in the morning wondering about the fate of penguins unless they’ve been brainwashed like Moonies by their idiotic parents and teachers about something that is every bit as abstract and fake as the bogey man.  Show me a kid that runs around bleating about global warming and I’ll show you the atomic wedgie winner of the month.

It’s amusing to see cute stories of precocious pre teens doing their little bit in the cause of preventing global warming.  Riding bikes to the mall instead of having mom drive them.  Drinking water drawn from a local well instead of from evil plastic bottles.  Wearing hemp clothes made by the local garment marm instead of shopping at Tommy Hilfiger.  Using megaphones and tin cans to shout messages instead of using power hungry Iphones.  Oh wait, that hasn’t happened yet.  And don’t hold your breath. The chances of  youth giving up their cushy lifestyles to save penguins and snow owls is as close to zero as finding shrimp at the buffet table after Al Gore’s been there.

The only place you’ll find anxiety in front of youth is in the dictionary unless there’s rumors of a new Iphone release.  Their minds just aren’t wired towards expansive thought beyond getting the newest Apple gadget.  Within the linked article, there’s a passage in which the little girl whose house had been swept away by a river now has developed fear of rivers which somehow translates into global warming anxiety.  It’s as if you witnessed a car accident involving a Toyota and in the aftermath, have anxiety about Japanese people. The entire manufactured industry of global warming exists only in the world of those unable to logically reason for themselves on just how preposterous it all is.  Or, propagated by modern day wise-men in the guise of lawyers, lobbyists and now psychologists.  If there’s anxiety to be shared, it should be about the proliferation of lawyers, lobbyists and psychologists.




The Heck You Say!

February 20th, 2014 2 comments

link One in four Americans do not know the Earth circles the Sun – Telegraph.

To be fair, judging from the rampant narcissism that’s taken hold of much of American culture, many in the survey, which I suspect included Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, were amazed to find that the earth did not circle around them. 

It’s the greatest of ironies that at a time in history when the tide of information available has never been higher,  somehow the level of the informed is at the opposite low ebb.  It’s as if people were dying of hunger while sitting in a Red Lobster.

The biggest factor in this existing information/misinformed paradox is the acceptance of the widely adopted teaching philosophy propogated by liberal educators of “there is no wrong answer, only different interpretations.”  This ensures that children are not traumatized by giving a wrong answer to a question in school.  Kids are allowed to progress through their formative years without having to endure the shame of being wrong but instead gently consoled that there is an alternate ‘better’ answer.  We know that letter grades have even been eliminated since that would be discriminatory and hurtful to the young egos.  If the kids feel educated, that’s enough.  And spelling doesn’t count.

There is the old chestnut that the reason that little Johnny thinks 2 plus 2 equals 4 is not because of arithmetic logic but rather because the teacher told him it was.  If kids aren’t taught basics at a young age, they default to parroting their teachers for their ‘facts’.

Fast forward to their post teen years when the biggest information sources are their peers, TV and of course the Internet.  Peers may be an iffy source of knowledge, but TV and the Internet are inviolable.  If it’s viewed on YouTube a million times, “liked” on Facebook, tweeted on Twitter or depicted on Saturday Night Live, then it must be true.

Of course it doesn’t help that high profile personalities are spouting bumper sticker science as hard facts. If for example, Eva Longoria, noted scientist and part time actress says that climate change is real, then it must be real.  If Sean Penn, noted historian, philosopher and part time actor dishes on the virtues of communism and socialism, then it must be true.  If John Kerry, noted doppelganger for Lurch of the Addams family fame tells us that Global warming is a bigger threat to mankind than a nuclear Iran, terrorism, disease epidemics and poverty, then it must be.

If people don’t believe the facts as presented by those that are “experts” in their field, they run the risk of being sued, such as the tactic employed by a Penn State University climate scientist in an attempt to silence his critics. It may well turn out that what’s acceptably true as fact is determined not by science but by lawyers.  Whether the rumor that the earth revolves around the sun is true or not is the least of our problems.